Haus Eifgen celebrates five years of culture

Two-day festival
Haus Eifgen celebrates five years of culture in Wermelskirchen

The Wermelskirchen cultural initiative has been giving life to Haus Eifgen for five years. This is now being celebrated with a two-day festival.

The Eifgen house has been “alive” again for five years: Since the beginning of February 2017, the Wermelskirchen cultural initiative (Kult-in-Wk) has been the operating association at the traditional Wermelskirchen house on the edge of Hüpp Park. Originally as tenants, Kult-in-Wk activists are now also property owners – the establishment of a cooperative made the purchase possible. Kulturhaus Eifgen eG is now the official owner, who leases the Kult-in-Wk house for a specific purpose – defined by the cooperative statutes.

Next weekend (Saturday, April 30, Sunday, May 1) Cult-in-Wk will celebrate half a decade, which has opened a new chapter in the Wermelskirchen cultural scene, with a full program: the dance will go in May almost without problems – May Day Festival Evening – Kult-in-Wk talks about a “May Festival” in order to meet different artists, choirs and groups.

“Seeing us after five years also surprises us,” says Mayor Michael Dierks (Photo: Moll / Archive) for no one would have dared to foresee this development: “With more than 300 members in the association, the establishment of the Kulturhaus Eifgen eG and more than 500 events with a total of 35,000 visitors, we have turned the house into a socio-cultural center. in a very short time, which has turned out to be a meeting place for all social classes, clubs, initiatives and of course the concert audience far beyond the city limits. ” The Eifgen House is of course mainly used for concerts, but no less, it is also allowed for private celebrations in closed societies, lectures or meetings, as well as campaigns referred to by other clubs such as the “Wohnzimmer Wermelskirchen”. Saturday, April 30, at 18:00 with the concert of guitarist and singer Aynsley Lister, who has already arrived as a guest in Haus Eifgen and with his blues rock represents the essential competence of the Cult. -Wk, im Blues and Jazz is marked.From 20:00, the “Heart and soul Bluesbrothers Show” will be on stage with eleven musicians, all of whom are “on the road in the name of God” as models from the legendary cult film, to celebrate the Eifgen jump in May to warm up the boiling point.Entry costs 15 euros in advance (concessions: 12 euros), at the box office 20 euros (15 euros) – the ticket entitles you to attend both concerts. the actual anniversary day on May 1st, can be followed without admission, it seems including the final concert. We ask you to buy a ticket for the first day, which gives you the right to visit both concerts “, emphasizes Michael Dierks.

Since its introduction in 2017, the May 1 festival at Haus Eifgen always starts with an ecumenical service. Afterwards, the choirs of the Remscheider-Vocal Ensemble under the direction of Werner Rizzi and the Wermelskirchen singers from “Bella Melodica” welcome spring. “At 13:00 we will be showing a summary of the last five years,” reports Kult-in-Wk in the hope of arousing curiosity and encouragement to join the initiative to preserve the traditional home as a cultural and meeting place. At 14:30 it continues with “Dreckpäck”, followed by blues artist and American Phil Seeboth from Osnabrück (15:30). The end of the May Festival will be announced at 18:00 by the “Eifgen Blues Band”. The highlight then is the concert of British blues rock guitarist Matt Schofield, who lives in New York and is concluding his European tour in Wermelskirchen. Schofield will be accompanied by “Rhythm Kings” from the Netherlands, whose members have enjoyed the Haus Eifgen audience several times since 2017 with their band “King of the world”.

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