Gran Turismo 7: Key Curves – How to Find the Right Line!

who The turn IN Gran Turismo 7 want to own should know something about them because not all curves are the same. There are important things to consider if you do not want to waste time doing this.

We tell you everything you need to know about this in our twist guide.

All about twists and turns in Gran Turismo 7:

Understanding the turns in Gran Turismo 7

Basically, if you brake too hard before turns, you can no longer spin properly and quickly lose control of your car. This is especially true if you brake too late and lose the optimal angle for the turn. The result is that you waste time doing this.

The way you should act in a given situation depends, on the one hand, on the path you are traveling on. On the other hand, the performance of your car plays a role and determines whether the braking distance is longer or shorter.

On a narrow road, it makes sense to turn your car into a position that allows you to walk straight and accelerate as fast as possible. Narrow courses usually do not give you much leeway when you brake too late, so be careful.

On wider stretches you can also drive longer in a straight line. Here it is advisable to get a curve as late as possible. If you leave the corner afterwards, you can accelerate early and regain cornering speed again. With all this, you should always keep in mind that your vehicle will be pushed from the outside in turns.

In a fast car you need a larger turning radius, in a slower car you need less. Those traveling long distances can use the larger area accordingly. It’s all about finding the right corner angle and finding the middle between top speed and turn. If you hit this, you can make corrections even for small mistakes without wasting much time.

If you accelerate too late, you also lose valuable milliseconds. In turn, be careful not to rush too much, otherwise you will be dragged out and you may have to brake and correct again, which means another waste of time. When you get out of the turn, you should not pull the trigger completely right away, but pull it towards you slowly and continuously to progressively increase the speed.

Try to avoid running, especially when braking, otherwise the wheels will lock. You need to take care of the direction when you have reached a good constant speed or when you are spinning in a corner. It is important to find the right moments for this. All a sense of experience!

How to make hairpin curves in Gran Turismo 7?

Curl hair curves are always tricky as they are particularly tight and require strong braking. But even here you can try to find a short cut to the fastest pace possible. There are two options here.

On one side there are strong hair curves and on the other soft. In one strong hair flexion you need to brake hard before entering the curve. The goal here is to make a difficult steering move in a short period of time in order to lose as little time as possible. If you have the right speed for it, you just have to cross the peak and survive the worst.

At the steepest point you are slowly on the way here. You should avoid pushing the accelerator or brake pedal excessively during this time. Allow yourself to rotate around the corner and when you can go straight again, you can accelerate without pushing further. After a few hair clip bends, you need to know how to handle them.

Basically, one is running gentle curling of hair similar, but there you can maintain a constant pace for longer. However, acceleration is not possible until late, so you should use the accelerator pedal to compensate for the loss of speed when your car spins with a light touch. Hold the trigger about halfway to a steady pace.

IN all hair bends is that you need to pay attention to which curve follows this. If it is in the same direction as the hair band you just passed, you can accelerate quickly and let the car drive you out. If, on the other hand, it leads you in the other direction, you should use the brakes as little as possible and pay attention to the constant speed. Everything else leads to unnecessary waste of time.

How hard you have to brake before turning the corner on the Gran Turismo 7 depends on the type of angle and your vehicle.

How to make S curves in Gran Turismo 7?

In an S curve, two curves with different directions follow in rapid continuity. So basically these are two separate turns, but ideally you are trying to do both in a single, flowing motion.

It is important to steer and brake as little as possible. How well this works depends on the type of curve S. One smooth curve can be steered almost straight forward at the right angle without having to slow down too much. Minor corrections – sensitively! – should not be a problem. But do not rush too much to make the car slide.

A sloping curve S is a little more demanding. Here you should try to get the first turn as straight as possible and brake lightly in advance. Allow the car to land and run at an angle without further depressing the accelerator or brake (unless overtaken). Keep moving between two consecutive angles so that you are able to accelerate from the last angle as effectively as possible.

Sometimes S turns also offer smooth and steep transitions alike. Structure is essential here. If there is a sloping curve that comes first, it is best to take it as a hair clip. If the second one comes, do it there.

A çikane is an extremely sloping shape of an S curve, here the speed usually has to be significantly reduced so as not to fly off the track. But you can also pass them at a constant speed if you hit the right points. Follow here the recommendations for gentle hair curling. If you have to brake and accelerate constantly, waste time.

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