“Germany’s Next Top Model”: Models switch to competition mode

Updated on 05/06/2022 07:18

The 14th episode of “Germany’s Next Top Model” has the motto “Duel Week”. The models play tennis and compete against each other on the sprint track. Lieselotte has no chance against Lena on the tartan track, but the petite model with the curves should leave at the end. Meanwhile, the tones in the model villa intensified, there was a rift between the older candidates.

That throws. shooting. Ecni. That throws. shooting. Ecni. The concept of “Germany’s Next Top Model” is not really diverse. Perhaps the editors in charge of the content of the ProSieben cast show noticed this after 14 weeks. And then they thought, “Hey, today we’re going to do something completely different! We’re going to let the models play tennis first and then run against each other on the tartan track.” After all, a strong “backhand” and a quick start are absolute core competencies for aspiring models.

Of course it was just for fun. Both sports have nothing to do with modeling. Tennis and sprints are still played on Thursday night, which is why the 14th episode of the current GNTM season brings back memories of national youth matches. Appropriately, candidates move fully into competition mode.

After all, there are only eight contenders left for the model throne. Since the tone is a little sharper, envy and resentment arise. This becomes apparent when Noëlla once again chooses a job and is allowed to pose for Milk Coffee in the future, which also happens to be GNTM’s advertising partner and is constantly swallowed up by up-close models in an advertising-effective way. In any case, Vivien is not at all enthusiastic about Noella’s choice. “Now I have to admit it,” she says, and does not even try to be happy with her colleague.

The best aggressors attack each other: Zoff between Martina and Lieselotte

The last two models left at a better age also lengthen their claws. “Ingratitude is not attractive,” says Martina, meaning Lieselotte, who has often been accused of having a somewhat poor attitude at work by other candidates. Lieselotte also tried her luck as a coffee mascot, but did not find the job. While the jury suspects that Lieselotte did not really understand the task, the 66-year-old blames a graffiti wall that was supposed to serve as a backdrop and that just did not suit her. Martina does not like these excuses at all.

How should I interpret this differently from you who say: “I do not want to be a model for this client?”, The Austrian face visibly upset with her rival. “For me, this is ingratitude and disrespect,” Martina added. “I find your interpretation very cheeky, this is a real guess,” Lieselotte replies, ending with a “Stop!” conversation. The two will no longer be friends.

In fact, it fits well that the motto of the episode is “Duel Week”. However, the opportunity to let Lieselotte and Martina resolve their differences on the tennis court is lost. Lieselotte competes against Lena, Martina against Vivien. Of course, it has less to do with sports and more to look your best in tennis. “Tennis gains are in high demand at the moment,” Heidi Klum wrote on Twitter: “Is she one of my role models today?”

Models struggle with tennis

Not out of bounds, but Vivien throws the tennis ball in the face. Which Heidi Klum finds quite funny. “I give you a small tip,” says guest jury and GNTM veteran Thomas Hayo, and rushes to Vivien’s aid. What appears has little to do with real tennis. Vivien still wins against Martina because the older model neither hits the ball particularly well nor does she look particularly relaxed and good at it.

If you consider what spectacular shootings were taking place at GNTM, the tennis motif generally seems quite boring. Klum, Hayo and photographer Max Montgomery are still enthusiastic about photos. Montgomery even confirms Noella as the best model she has ever had in “Germany’s Next Top Model” have photographed. The 25-year-old from Berlin could therefore be chosen as the favorite, but only Lieselotte can win the show this year. Because Lieselotte can do whatever she wants. In the end it always comes out on top.

Lieselotte loses and is praised

Lieselotte’s performance on Thursday in a nutshell: she does not hit the tennis balls and stands on her dress. She does not know Thomas Hayo’s first name and keeps calling him Hayo. In casting, she lacks points. In the sprint duel with Lena she is far behind. And who is eliminated in the end? Exactly Lena.

“You sailed along the tartan path,” praises Thomas Hayo from Lieselotte’s slow sprint. “You looked beautiful,” adds Heidi Klum: “I fell in love with you a little more today.” Lieselotte certainly has the highest entertainment factor and it’s amazing what she does at 66 years old. But the idolatry and preference given to the older candidate is slowly becoming a bit silly.

After all, Lena removes it relatively easily. The petite curvy model probably knew anyway that she would have no chance against Lieselotte. There are already seven candidates left, who will have to compete against each other in a skin-to-skin clash next week. Like a match she sees Lieselotten arguing and crying and Heidi Klum saying her famous sentence: “I do not have a picture for you!”. But let us not be mocked. Somehow the 66-year-old will survive this challenge. After 14 weeks “Germany’s Next Top Model” we all know how things work.


In 2006, the first season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” aired on television screens. There are now 16 winners from 16 seasons of the ProSieben show. This is what the winners of the casting spectacle are doing today.

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