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A yellow polyhedron optically opens the gallery stand at a 90 degree angle. The architecture of the fair inspired him to paint the mural, says Isabelle Borges. The Brazilian, who lives in Berlin, manages to create an allure with FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph, who literally draws the audience to the paper positions. 52 galleries and 143 artists from 25 countries are exhibiting in the historic atrium of the Telekom Capital Representation.

The course is a feast for the eyes. As usual, the focus is on affordable contemporary art – and the paper medium as an “introductory drug for new collectors,” according to Heinrich Carstens, who is in charge of the fair alongside Kristian Jarmuschek. For the most relaxed clientele, Kunkel Fine Art from Munich offers Emil Nolde in the six-figure range in euros and Thole Rotermund from Hamburg offers a 1933 watercolor landscape by Lyonel Feininger for € 98,000.

Hannes Kuckei confirms that the idea of ​​the fair to liberate paper works from their special existence is bearing fruit: “For Fiene Scharp, our recent appearance caused a stir in the attention.” First place at the Paper Art Award – which brought subsequent exhibitions. and buyers.

This year, the € 36,000 prize – donated for purchases from the Haus des Papier paper art museum, which will open in Mitte in 2021 – goes to four positions: the main prize winner is Iranian artist Afshan Daneshvar, who lives in Dubai. She is represented by Orchid Daroodi from Tehran, who is presenting her O Gallery in Berlin for the first time. Second place goes to Frankfurt sculptor Goekhan Erdogan, represented by Galerie Heike Strelow, third place is shared by Lisa Tiemann (Schwarz Contemporary) and Aja von Loeper (Wichtendahl Galerie). They are all examples of today’s variety of artistic products – with, on and made of paper.

Goekhan Erdogan has thousands of photocopies of his passport photo piled up in a massive block that rotates in an ordinary plastic bucket like a pedestal (4,400 euros). A white sheet is enough for Aja von Loeper for relief-like structures that appear to have grown out of paper. The Nuremberg painter uses as a tool a handmade flatterer made of beech wood, through which the cellulose, depending on how it is held, splits to form curves or flat surfaces reminiscent of marble (from 1200 €).

A snake opposite Artyom Chepovetskyy’s publication

Latvian Maija Kurševa won the Paper Positions Award, which was presented for the fourth time exclusively for female artists.

Nora Schattauer, last year’s award winner, will be honored with a special show in the lobby. There, visitors lined up on the opening night to buy a publication by Odessa-born artist Artfrom Chepovetskyy based in Frankfurt. His 100 four-color, abstract screen prints are offered for 100 euros. The proceeds go to refugees from Ukraine.

[Paper Positions, Französische Straße 33 a-c; Sa 13 – 20 Uhr, So 12 – 18 Uhr]

Despite all the willingness to experiment – like the works of Peter K. Koch on paper, which oscillate between painting and sculpture – there are also discoveries to be made in traditional drawing. These include Raquel Maulwurf’s apocalyptic volcanic landscape at the Dutch gallery Livingstone and Felix Baxmann’s color paintings by Martin Mertens.

From now on, the Leue & Nill award will be given to the best stand presentation and half of the fees will be sponsored. The Berlin Gallery FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph won it with the solo performance of Isabelle Borges. The Brazilian artist not only gave the gallery an extravagant look with her polyhedron, but also shows very sophisticated extensions of the material qualities of the paper with her collaged photographs, from which she develops spatial folds. The painter, who has studied in Rio de Janeiro and Düsseldorf, places extremely thin lines of colored cardboard on the white surface of her three-dimensional “Boxes” (€ 1600-4000), the fast shadows of light on the wall of which you tempt to seek Light source.

The exhibiting character of the fair also inspired other participants to make unusual presentations. In this way, the Nothelfer Gallery includes a bold art-historical arch from the old informal master KRH Sonderburg to the drawings of the sculptor Birte Bosse, who was born in 1984.

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