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He has been nicknamed “the man of the handball nail”. At 28, coach Jaron Siewert is younger than most of his players. And yet the youngest coach of all time is not only fully accepted by his team, but also in HBL after 21 months in office.

With eight wins in a row, Siewert is the only coach still undefeated in 2022. With second place in the table, his foxes (today at 16:05 against Hannover-Burgdorf) are on their way to the Champions League.

BZ: What do you think about the constant comparison with Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann, or is it quite fun?

Siewert: Oh, that’s not annoying. And comparisons and questions about it have become significantly fewer. Together with the team, I try to support this with performance from a sporting point of view, where the focus is. This is already known by the media.

Are you ever jealous of fellow football coaches who are paid millions for their work?

nr I as a handball coach can not and do not want to compare myself with these amounts. I know my lifestyle is very privileged. Football coaches are rewarded accordingly for their media focus and for giving up their privacy. For me, fun at work should be the first and I feel fulfilled in what I do.

How do you manage the balancing act of being the new father of two (Emil 2 years old, Jonte 14 days old) and being a coach?

On the one hand, being a coach gives you a lot of freedom compared to a man with a permanent job in the office. On the other hand, what matters in the end is the success and development of the team, with which you have to measure yourself every week. Personally, I invest a lot of time in preparation and training or further training, which takes a lot of time. On the other hand, I do not see the combination of sport and family as a burden. I do not think I could do this sport if I did not have my family.

Little Jonte Hans was born on Thursday (Photo: Private)
Siewert’s second son, Jonte is only 2 weeks old (Photo: Private)


The first and most important is my wife Lina, who has my back extremely well, for me the family is the shelter. When I get there, I recharge my batteries and only then can I really focus on the sport. I think it is good that there are two worlds.

Such a coaching post can also be a departure seat, including many location changes. Not very family friendly.

You can not close your eyes to the fact that it is a difficult business. It is naive to say that a club is marriage for life, unlike what we hope will be the case in private life. But I will do my best to make the relationship with the foxes as long and successful as possible and decide for yourself about your future. I want to reward the trust the club has given me.

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Is that how your wife sees it?

Before we had kids, we thought about the fact that part of the coach’s job is that you may need to change your main focus of life. We go everywhere together, I could not do it alone. And – this would not be a life I would like to lead.

As a young coach, what can you do better than seniors?

That’s hard to say. Every coach needs to know what his team needs. Maybe as a new coach you can handle technology a little better. I think it’s good for my team that I’m already a dad. This way I can put myself more easily in the place of my older players and understand why a visit to the pediatrician is probably more important than being on time for training.

The foxes are in a good mood.  Coach Jaron Siewert (r) hugs Hans Lindberg (Photo: foto alliance / dpa)
Go very well. Coach Jaron Siewert (r, 28) and 41-year-old Hans Lindberg (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

You always look so calm on the bank, can you ever get angry?

Yes, of course, if I have to, though my nature is quite level. My players should not allow themselves to be guided too much by negative emotions on the floor, they need to keep the focus, these are the demands I have on myself as well.

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Can you give your opinion on a star placed on your team?

Of course, if the situation requires it. As a coach, you need to act in a way that is authentic to you and what is best for the team. Do not limit yourself to age or work experience. If criticism is necessary, you have to raise it, if you have to make a difficult tactical decision, you have to take it and represent it yourself. This is the only way for players to think that it is a matter of persuasion and for the good of all. I have enough character for that. If I have to criticize one of my boys, I criticize him as a player, not as a person.

What is the hardest thing for you in your job?

Getting to know new players as personalities is not always easy and time consuming, because from the video you only know them as athletes, but first you have to discover the people behind them. The process of getting to know her is quite exciting, but it takes some time and requires connecting experience.

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