Formula 1 live today: TV, LIVE STREAM, LIVE TICKER – broadcast of the Imola Grand Prix

For the third time it is the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, it is the fourth race this season – today is finally that time again! Starts at 15:00 – we watch the broadcast in this article!

Charles Leclerc in first place by a wide margin, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton only in fifth and sixth place, Russel in second place and Mick Schuhmacher in sprint better than Sebastian Vettel – 2021/2022 season of Formula 1 has much to do after less than the weekend offer for four races!

In yesterday’s sprint, Verstappen was able to secure poles despite a difficult start, as well as important points in the overall standings of the pilots. It was a good day for Red Bull, as Carlos Sainz was also successful with third place. Charles Leclerc starts second today.

It’s only the third Formula 1 race at Dino Ferrari’s Autodromo Enzo – we’re excited to see how it goes today. PURPOSE explains how the race is broadcast on TV, LIVE STREAM and LIVE TICKER.

Formula 1 live today: Who is showing / transmitting the Imola Grand Prix? Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix at a glance

Formula 1 Verstappen Hamilton 2021


Who is showing / broadcasting Formula 1 today? Emilia-Romagna Race live on TV and LIVE STREAM – that’s how it works!

The end of last season was an incredible final to stop the heart – even the biggest optimists know that you can not expect something like this every year. However, the new season promises a lot of excitement after just a few weeks: who would have thought that Verstappen and Hamilton would have fewer points than Charles Leclerc?

Formula 1 on TV and LIVE STREAM: Does RTL broadcast the race today in Italy?

Monegascu is having a really strong season and wants to get the momentum in the race in Italy today. But how does Formula 1 appear on TV in Germany? Is it as complicated and confusing as in professional football?

Don’t worry, there is actually only one broadcast station in Formula 1: Sky! The pay-TV broadcaster has secured the rights to broadcast all races this season. To be able to follow the station program, you need to book a package, the “sports package”. This also includes Wimbledon, the DFB Cup and the Premier League, more information can be found here.

Sky and RTL: The Formula 1 race is broadcast live on pay-TV and free-to-air TV today

But now it’s the case that not every race can only be seen on Sky – four races will also be broadcast by RTL this season! That’s right: The Cologne-based private broadcaster is an old ad for many F1 fans, after all, every race was once watched on free TV on RTL.

So now there are only a few more races in the season, there are still two and a half months until the next one after the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, and then it’s time again in the UK. These are the RTL races at a glance:

Formula 1 on TV for free! RTL will broadcast these races on TV for free this year!

  • Imola, Italy | April 24
  • Silverstone, United Kingdom | July 3
  • Zandvoort, The Netherlands | 4 September
  • Brazil | 13 November

Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix on Free TV: F1 Broadcast Details on RTL

RTL is broadcasting the race today – all work is free! Here are the details about the transmitter and what to do if you can not configure the transmitter. This is how the race will be broadcast today:

  • ComPeTITIon: Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix
  • Category:
  • start of transmission: 2 afternoon
  • the start of the race: 3 p.m.
  • commentator: Heiko Wasser
  • commentator: Christian Danner

Imola Grand Prix: Details of the F1 broadcast on Sky

  • ComPeTITIon: Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix
  • Category:
  • start of transmission: 13.30
  • the start of the race: 3 p.m.
  • commentator: Sasha Roos
  • expert: Timo Glock
Formula 1 Max Verstappen 2021


Who is showing / broadcasting the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix online? Formula 1 today on LIVE STREAM and LIVE TICKER – this is how it works!

Of course there are also many fans who do not have a TV, these people then depend on a LIVE STREAM or, at worst, a LIVE TICKET. The bad news: Although RTL can be downloaded for free on television, you have to pay for the private broadcaster’s internet service. These are the important links you can use to set LIVE STREAM for the Formula 1 race in Italy.

RTL is broadcasting Formula 1 today on LIVE STREAM: These are the important links

Free applications from Sky: So broadcast LIVE today the Formula 1 race

Formula 1 at TICKER LIVE: Here’s how you get all the race-related events today

Sky subscription is too expensive for you, can not you be home to watch RTL on TV or other credible reasons are preventing you from watching Formula 1 LIVE and color races? Then we have a little advice for you:

All important elements of the race, be it events, maneuvers and intermediate results, are available at SPOX LIVE TICKER! With this you will not lose anything from this race in Emilia-Romagna! Call and click on the sign on the homepage – you will not miss a thing!

Formula 1 live on TV and STREAM today: Preliminary report on the race

Max Verstappen got his sprint victory from Imola almost routinely, Charles Leclerc bravely shook Ferraristi after his close loss. World champion Verstappen unleashed the Scuderia festival in Imola, at least in the 100km short race – and in addition to eight world championship points, he secured first place in the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix on Sunday (15:00 / RTL and Sky) in front of the world championship leader secured by Monaco.

“It will definitely be different tomorrow,” said Verstappen, who won for the second time in the fourth sprint in Formula 1 history: “In the end, Charles’ tires were worn out and I could start my maneuver.” Leclerc, who continues to lead the drivers’ standings with 78 points, consoled himself: “It’s still a start from the front row.”

Former world champion Sebastian Vettel finished 13th at Aston Martin and lost his first points of the season. The same goes for Mick Schumacher im Haas, who finished tenth and can at least be happy for the best starting position of his Formula 1 career so far. “There was nothing more,” Vettel told Sky: “It’s bitter when you lose so many seats and eat literally.” The man from Heppenheim started the sprint from ninth place.

The short race was also without anything to count on for the Mercedes constructors world world champion: record champion Lewis Hamilton did not cross the 14th place, his new teammate George Russell (both England) finished 11th. Mercedes Motorsport director Toto Wolff then spoke about the “low point” of the season so far, Imola’s weekend was “completely to be repaid”.

The frame in Imola was right: Ferrari’s recent successes ensured that the stands were packed with people and mostly washed in red along the traditional 4,909 km long road. The continuous rain from Friday was gone on Saturday and Emilia-Romagna looked like spring.

With the cheers of the Fans, Leclerc started a perfect start, the 24-year-old crossed the pole-scorer Verstappen long before the first blow.

Chinese Rookie Zhou Guanyu in Alfa Romeo and French AlphaTauri pilot Pierre Gasly collided in the first lap. Zhou left – so he “secured” the final starting place for the Grand Prix ahead of time, because the end of the sprint determines the starting order.

In the fourth restart from 21 laps, Leclerc was very attentive and did not risk losing the lead. Just before the end, Monegascu had problems with his tires, which suddenly deteriorated. Verstappen came closer – and took the lead on the penultimate lap. With 33 points, his difference to Leclerc of the same age is still huge.

Formula 1 has significantly improved the sprint format this year. The winner now gets eight World Cup points instead of the previous three points, with points for the first eight riders crossing the finish line. This means that the sprints – more planned for Spielberg and Sao Paulo – are also gaining importance for the title fight.

Overall, however, the shortcomings of the sprints became apparent again: hardly any driver wanted to ruin the main race with a thoughtless maneuver. Attempts to overtake on the relatively narrow runway at Imola were carefully considered. After all, Leclerc had no chance of defending itself against the Verstappen tire whisper. He could live with seven more points.

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Formula 1 today LIVE on TV and LIVE STREAM: Grand Prix broadcast in Italy

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