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The final round of the cup has been held in Hamburg since 1994. From 2023 onwards things will continue in Cologne. When it comes to hitting the Hanseatic city, the Bundesliga leader and record holder are the favorites.


Record holder, reigning champion, Bundesliga leader and a newcomer: The field in the final round of the German Handball Cup promises a dignified farewell from Hamburg.

Arena am Volkspark will host the tournament for the last time after 28 finals since 1994, with Cologne as the new venue from 2023.

The Cup final for the last time in Hamburg

This is not the only reason why participants are motivated accordingly. “I want every title, no matter how often, for me it’s like drugs for other people,” Sander Sagosen told Kieler Nachrichten. Norway and record champion THW Kiel meet reigning TBV champion Lemgo Lippe in the first semifinal on Saturday (13:30 / Sky). As eleven times cup winners, the Zebras still have a score to settle with Lippern. Last year Kiel lost 28:29 to Lemgo in the semifinals.

SC Magdeburg and HC Erlangen will then face each other in the second semifinal (16:10 / ARD and Sky). The league leader from Saxony-Anhalt is the clear favorite against the Franks, who have qualified for the first time in Final 4. Erlangen nationalist Christoph Steinert sees his team, but not by chance: “We have conquered two teams in the road to Hamburg with the two teams SG Flensburg-Handewitt and HSG Wetzlar standing in front of us in the Bundesliga, “said the 32-year-old. – Old.

The final will start on Sunday (13.25 / ARD and Sky). For Lemgo and Erlangen there are still good chances to qualify for the Europa League. Even entering the finals would be enough for that. Both Magdeburg and Kiel are almost certain to qualify for the Champions League or Europa League thanks to their place in the league. Final 4 uses both video evidence and expiration signal. Both techniques should also be standard in the Bundesliga from the next series onwards.

The Cup finals will take place in Cologne from 2023

“It’s hard for me personally to say goodbye to Hamburg. A lot of great moments and memories are attached to the tournament and the venue,” HBL president Uwe Schwenker told the magazine. Hendboche. The 63-year-old official also stressed: “The Cologne movement, of course, has mainly economic reasons. “A hall with a capacity of 20,000 spectators now offers completely different possibilities.”

The first round of the DHB Cup final was held in 1993 at the Hoechst Ballroom in Frankfurt am Main. In the final, SG Wallau / Massenheim won 24:21 against TSV Bayer Dormagen. Dormagen is currently battling relegation from the 2nd Bundesliga, Wallauer plays in the southern group lowland in the Oberliga Hessen.

After the tournament moved to Hamburg in 1994, the first place was the sports hall in the Alsterdorf district and since 2003 the 13,000-seat arena in the Volkspark. THW Kiel in particular feels at home there: the record champion has won eleven trophies in Hamburg. Does he stick to tradition as he says goodbye? (dpa)

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