Everything you need to know about the new beauty trend

Which facial contours are important?

Contouring has been a topic for years Make-up artists, influential and passionate about beauty. But how was it again? Contouring is about light and shadow on the face. To get an optimal complexion, you emphasize different parts of your face using a Emphasis Main points. You do other parts of the face with one bronzer darker and puts them in the background. This makes the sections look narrower. The contours vary depending on the shape of your face. So we want one round face a slightly narrower makeup and a angular face turbulence. You can discover what is important in glossy sculpture and what areas you should highlight in the step-by-step instructions.

How does glossy sculpture work?

of new beauty trend Above all, it should be natural and radiant and not look like a full face makeup. It is supposed to shape the face in a natural way bring radius, without applying too much product. In just four steps you can create the latest trend in your skin.

  1. Step: Choose a glossy primer: It is best to first apply a nice primer you have skin once prepared and thus creates the perfect base for glossy sculpture and a beautiful complexion. It is better if you choose a product that gives you a glow first. You can do it for that primer from LOV, which is offered by Amazon for about 15 euros. Gives you a beautiful glow without looking greasy and at the same time prepares your skin perfectly. In addition, a primer helps to even out small imperfections and blemishes and creates a good foundation for an even skin, so that the products stick better. You can apply the product on the nose, forehead and chin for the ultimate gloss sculpting effect.
  2. Step: Apply a natural foundation:
    We let the primer sink into our skin and now we are moving on to the next step. Of course we like it when the foundation covers as many blemishes and defects as possible, but in this case it is an advantage if we choose a product that is not too opaque. Loud motto: The more natural, the better. For this we recommend Foundation by L’Oréal, which is offered by Amazon for about 8 euros. Thanks to its technology, it adapts to skin tone and provides intense moisture thanks to the ingredients of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. This is the perfect prerequisite for getting an optimal glow.
  3. Apply the bronze step: Now comes a very important part that is of great importance for glossy sculpture. Because after we have mixed and worked well on the foundation, now is the time for the bronzer and highlighter. It is one of the most important steps in facial modeling. Through this step we want to give the face a natural contour. For this we apply the bronzer in the area of ​​the car part above the cheekbones and mix it. It also spreads over the eyebrows to the hairline. A small portion of the bronzer also goes to the chin. A little tip: First take a little product on the brush and apply the product on the skin. If that’s not enough for you, it’s better to build instead of get too much right away. Classic is this Bronze by Benefitwhich is perfect for glossy sculpture and you can buy it for 40 euros on Amazon. But you can also make one Contour paletteas she e Stylish makeUp for about 17 euros buy one that contains some tones that you can then mix.
  4. Step: apply the highlighter: It then moves on to the highlighter, which is the perfect bronzer counterpart. This gives you the glow that brings a beautiful glow to your face. You can also apply the highlighter here on the cheek area, especially on the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. As a small addition, you can also apply it on the eyebrow bone and the inner corner of the eye. You can use the highlighter from theBalm, Mary-Lou Manizer, which is offered by Amazon for around 23 euros, use. Also there for a beautiful complexion Highlighted palettes as she e L’Oréal for about 7 euros via Amazon. Alternatively you can even use a palette for Contour and accent use, for example, those of NYX, which you can buy on Amazon for around 17 euros.
  5. Step: adjust with powder: Now everything is in the right place and the highlighter and bronzer are in the right places. This is perfect! The last thing you need to do is glossy sculpture with a Fix Fixing Powder, so that the view does not leave after an hour. This is why you can easily brush your face with a loose set or powder and a brush. Just easy not to ruin the gloss sculpt, just minimize the gloss or greasy stains, but still keep your gloss. Because if you cross your face too hard, it can happen that all the sculpture is gone. Of course we do not want that. And here, too, the motto is: Less is more. Simply put a little powder on your brush and see the result. Because we do not want your face to become too matte. For example, you can use powder from Maybelline, which you can buy on Amazon for about 6 euros I can take.

After step 4 and the final application of the powder you are done with carving the gloss and you have it perfect radiant appearancewhich beautifully highlights your face.

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