Emilia-Romagna GP: Imola race improvements

GP Imola 2022

Teams are required to present their aerodynamic improvements as of this year. We will show you what car engineers did in Imola. Alpha Tauri had the largest package with it.

Only one team kept their feet still. Ferrari did not bring home improvements to Imola. Only the lightest parts to push the excess weight of about five pounds close to zero. Alpha Tauri, Alpine, Red Bull and Alfa-Sauber appeared with large-scale improvements. Mercedes, McLaren and Williams brought changes to the details in different parts of the car. Aston Martin returned to an older condition.

The work of engineers is currently focused mainly on the lower body. Alpha Tauri, Alpine, Alfa-Sauber and Red Bull have made more or less major changes there. Another battleground are the front and rear brake channels. For better cooling and better flow control around the wheels. Alpine has almost only one package. Pilot chief Fernando Alonso was awarded the contract.


Ferrari makes no noticeable aerodynamic updates to the home game.

Mercedes weakens

Mercedes has changed the W13 by four points, but do not expect miracles. Engineers talk about “normal work with aerodynamic details” that will not solve the main problem. This is and remains a dancer. In any case, the review of data from Melbourne brought more light into the darkness. “Now we know how it is formed and how it can be caused, but we still do not have the magic formula for a solution.” This is expected for the Spanish WG.

Mercedes will make the biggest leap in terms of weight. Someone hears that the Silver Arrows were hungry for about five pounds. Most bacon is usually on the wings and bottom. “This is where you come in when you need to lose weight fast,” a technician tells us. Even Red Bull, Ferrari and Alpine cars have lost weight. Alpine has managed to halve the excess weight. “But the last few pounds are heavier,” said Alan Permane, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Here is our summary of Imola upgrades


  1. Fine before cooling inlet: A third element on the chassis side improves the flow in the cooling inlet and consequently the cooling.
  2. Rearview mirror housing: A new shape better separates the flow and optimizes the flow towards the rear of the car.
  3. Tearing edge on the lower body in front of the rear wheels: Improves flow towards the diffuser and increases the force down on the rear.
  4. Rear deflector end plate: more force down on diffuser roof inside rear wheels.

red bull

  1. New arm in lower body cabin, which is thinner forward: more force down.
  2. New rear brake vents: Better cooling for calipers and brake discs.

McLaren - Emilia Romagna GP 2022 - Imola


McLaren upgrades with a new beam arm for more thrust.


  1. New lower rear arm (beam arm): More downforce, especially on rails that require a lot of pushing or in the rain.


  1. New body: Minor geometric changes to improve lower strength.
  2. New lower back arm (beam arm): extra on the lower part of the new body.

Alfa Tauri

  1. New body: The front of the floor has been changed in shape and height to make the bottom force more stable over different ground spaces. In addition, to avoid bouncing, a new seat was cut at the edges of the floor and the torn edge of the floor in front of the rear wheels was redesigned. Both to generate more contact pressure on the base plate.
  2. Changes in the vertical front diffuser covers.
  3. Front Brake Ventilation: The inlet is now “D” shaped to better control air turbulence from the front wheels.


  1. Halo: Go back to the first specification
  2. Rear view mirror bracket: Return to the first specification.
  3. Floor Plate Bracket: The cable connecting the floor to the gearbox has been moved further. This is to prevent the floor from bending in this area and to reduce bounce.


  1. Rear wing: Minor lid changes for better efficiency and better use of the DRS effect.
  2. Front suspension: Bone closure has been modified to give the push rod more space and improve rear flow.
  3. Front Brake Ventilation: Better front brake cooling control.

Alfa Romeo - Emilia Romagna GP 2022 - Imola


The Alfa-Sauber has a new lower part in its trunk.

Alfa Clean

  1. New lower body: A new floor geometry and vertical grilles on the front hub produce more down force.
  2. Wider space in the rear wheel area: adjustments to the new floor.
  3. Rear brake ventilation: Improved cooling, small aerodynamic gains.


  1. Wings at the edge of the base plate: The new geometry aims to suppress the jump that had returned to Melbourne.

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