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After six seasons and a feature film in 2019, “Downton Abbey II – A New Era” is coming to theaters. The story, however, as fans know and love it, seems to have been fully told.

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by Anna Wollner

How happy were the fans of “Downton Abbey” when after four years of withdrawal from the series, the first feature film “Downton” came out in cinemas at the end of 2019. There was finally a reunion with the noble lords of a British manor and their beloved servants. The whole regular cast was there. And so it is with the second film, Downton Abbey.

The story of “Downton Abbey II – A New Era – seems busy

What else can be said to fill another Downton feature film? This effort in script development is noticed in the first half of the hour, in which a colorful series of photos illustrate Tom Branson’s wedding. The former driver and widow of Lord and Lady Grantham remarries a noble heiress, uniting all the iconic figures.

PREPARATION: Trailer: “Downton Abbey II – A New Era” (1 min)

But they do not have much to say until Lady Violet, the sharp-tongued senior chief of the noble clan, offers real topics of conversation and tells them that she has entered possession of a villa in the south of France. Maggie Smith was capable of anything in the role from the start. But also a connection with a French marquise, who accompanied him 65 years ago?

“They spent a few days together and he gave her a house? – Have you ever considered refusing it? – Do I look like you were demolishing a villa in the south of France?”
Isobel, Lady Mary and Lady Violet in a scene from Downton Abbey II

With the shooting of the film in the castle, “action” enters history.

Laura Haddock and Michael Fox at "Downton Abbey II - A New Era" by Simon Curtis © 2022 Focus Features LLC Photo: Ben Blackall

Actress Laura Haddock plays Myrna Dalgleish on Downton Abbey II: A New Era.

His master is already packing his bags to escape to the French summer residence with part of the family and servant Carson, while Downton Abbey is taken over by a film crew. It has gotten to the point where the good gentlemen now have to leave their home to the Philistines of Hollywood.

But by 1929 rain was already falling from the roof and rental income was essential. So Lady Mary, the pragmatic daughter of God, can definitely gain something from the filming. And the servants who stayed at home are also on the moon.

In fact, with the shooting in the castle, the “action” goes down in history. And they also tell a lot about changing times: the splendor of nobility is being replaced by the fascination of movie princesses and the silent movie era is coming to an end. A platinum blonde diva, wonderfully exaggerated in her fornication, is still rushing through the revered city centers. So far she has only had to pose quietly in front of the camera, now she suspects her days are numbered.

“I think the audience only wants movies that have people talking. I would have thought that the best thing about movies is that you can not listen to them. It would be even better if you could not watch them either. ”
Isobel and Lady Violet in a scene from Downton Abbey II

Maggie Smith causes laughter as a matriarch

It’s hard to imagine Downton Abbey without Maggie Smith. As the family matriarch she always provides laughter but also touching moments. The inventor of the series and screenwriter Julian Fellowes can rely entirely on his greatness. “She has a great gift,” says Fellowes. “It can be hilarious a moment and make you cry two minutes later.”

There are some extremely successful punch lines in this film. Charleston dazzling fashion and paradise photos from a trip to France delight the eye.

Continuation of Downton Abbey: The Story Is Told

The worlds of cinema dreams, in which man likes to plunge into times of war and pandemic. But the big dramas have already brought gentlemen and servants after them in six serial seasons. And now the last pot has really found its lid. A movie was still possible, but after that it really has to end. The story of “Downton Abbey” is told, as the fans knew and loved it.

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Noble English family at their home in Dowton Abbey - scene from "Dowton Abbey 2", film of 2022 © 2021 FOCUS FEATURES LLC.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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