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In Kampnagel we meet two Ukrainians: Daniella Preap and Mariaia Vorotilina. One is a professional refugee dancer, the other has been living here for four years and is currently building a network for creative Ukrainian people.

by Peter Helling

At the light-filled dance hall in Kampnagel, Daniella Preap dances to a children’s song from Ukraine. The 25-year-old makes swaying, torn movements, her fingers are touched, spread like flowers. “It’s like the movements don’t flow anymore. They are very sharp, with a lot of fractures. It goes through the body, it is more fragmented than usual, I think,” says the ballerina.

Your thoughts and feelings flow in motion. And they are nothing but light. Daniella Preap is a professional dancer from Kiev. Just one day after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, she and her parents packed their bags and fled to the west of the country. In the first week of the war she read on Instagram about the K3 scholarship, the choreography center in Kampnagel, and applied. In Kraków, while fleeing through Poland, she was accepted and has been in Hamburg since 10 March. The parents decided to go to the Netherlands. Now Daniella Preap is safe here, but most of all she feels ashamed and guilty. “Even if I’m sure: all my friends, all I know and people from Ukraine have to suffer.”

Clean your head at Kampnagel

She can be creative here for half a year. When she arrived, she asked: where is my job, what should I do? And they all said kindly to him: Take a look around first. You can explore here at leisure. She was shocked: it does not work so easily! She is just trying to see as little news as possible. After all, life is turning in Kiev. What makes him especially happy: There are traffic jams on the road again! A traffic jam as an expression of full life. The young dancer smiles shyly, because the question above all is: Even for how long?

Daniella Preap dances, but not to the public at the moment. Here in Kampnagel she can clear her mind. And she has plans: she will develop a choreography for Ukrainian refugees, she wants to talk about young girls and girls on the run – women like her: “Because it’s my experience, I want to talk about young girls and women.”

The “Voices” project connects Ukrainian artists

Next to her is Maria Vorotilina. She is Ukrainian from Schytomyr and has been a permanent member of the Kampnagel Kulturfabrik public relations team for four years. Her mother and brother returned to Kiev when Russian troops withdrew. Current photos depress her deeply: “I think all the time: They can be my friends, they can be my family.” Above all, she fears what will come out of Russian war crimes.

“Since the outbreak of the war she has been involved in the project.”Voices “, to which seven German theaters belong. It connects Ukrainian artists and collects diary entries, photos and history. It calls it a living war archive. It is open and accessible to all. Maria Vorotilina is currently in contact with 14 creative people, When asked, almost powerless, what art can do in times of war, she says: Art is something for the privileged to live in security, so she hopes the privileged will use the privilege who are currently unable to do so to change the political situation.

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Kampnagel has been committed to helping refugees since 2014 and Kulturfabrik is now supporting Ukrainians as choreographer Daniella Preap. 5 min

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On the one hand the theater has placed symbolic signs and on the other hand the program will be expanded accordingly. 2 min

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