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Victoria dances. The slender Ukrainian’s movements are still a bit reserved, but her rocking end gives you an idea that she will open her arms and just let go. Triptych number 11 from “Spielräume 2022” by Fotofreunde Glonn could not be more up to date. You mean. And yet, the source material is almost 30 years old. It has been so long since the woman from Kiev and her ten-year-old son spent at least six weeks with Sebastian Kugler and his family three summers in a row. Both originally came from Chernobyl to recover and control their thyroid levels.

The 67-year-old vividly recalls the overnight conversations they had after a Russian course using a dictionary, hands and feet. And her photo session at the monastery school. At the time, the engineer was lucky – when the explosion at the nuclear power plant happened, she was not at her workplace. How are the people you have made friends with today? “We tried to call. The bell rang, but no one answered,” said the last representative of the original founding team and longtime chairman of Fotofreunde Glonn.

Not just photography friends: Gilbert Pinggera (left) and Sebastian Kugler.

(Photo: Christian Endt)

He immediately agreed with his successor Gilbert Pinggera that the current club photo exhibition should show not only beauty but also “what touches you”. For this Pinggera finds the expression “loud pictures”. Not a provocation, but a reason for conversation. That’s why he created the fantastic script “Filmpatronen”, which greets visitors on the left as soon as they enter the gallery. In addition to the film tapes widely irrigated with barbed wire and ravens on a background in shades of purple, there are names of people from Ukraine with “the same hobby or profession”, whose expressive visual language is recognized by appearances in international competitions.

In the same room, Volker Jäger’s three-minute slide show “Giving New Life” takes place in a continuous cycle. An old sliding box plus passe-partout form the frame and records of the Wurzer recycling center near Munich airport have been imported from an iPad. After a non-spectacular first look at very objective things like the environment and processes, suddenly a very special dynamic arises in the ranking systems, the colorful diversity of balloons reminds you of a mosaic.

Culture in the district: Portrait meets the pasta machine - Alexander Gohlke series "mixed".

The portrait meets the pasta machine – Alexander Gohlke’s “Mixed Up” series.

(Photo: Christian Endt)

Six artists, 24 exhibitions with about 150 individual images, embedded in installations and a slide show, mean just as many opportunities to be deeply touched, to have fun, to be impressed or just to be intrigued. Like Alexander Gohlke’s “Mixed” series. The final products with a three-dimensional look are based on portraits from his collection, which the artist first printed, then cut into strips with a pasta paste and reassembled “upside down” before repeating the process.

Norbert Alexy shows how different the same motif looks on different backs with “Sylt Beach in the force of the wind 8”. He applied the rainbow behind the noisy waves on photo paper, canvas, acrylic and aluminum dibond.

Bernhard Jungwirth also transformed dead nature several times, which he found as a broken picture on the wall of the house – with the help of various techniques, so that the rose sometimes appears in black and white, sometimes in many colors or as an enigma . An entire hall entitled “How Painted” is dedicated to these works, which also includes an installation.

Culture in the district: Johannes Schmidt has in "survivor" seized the power of the dandelion.

Johannes Schmidt captured the power of dandelion in “Survival Artist”.

(Photo: Christian Endt)

So it is with “Survival Artist” by Johannes Schmidt, who demonstrates impressively how dandelion breaks a path between gravel.

The trees from Gilbert Pinggera’s “Arboretum”, almost all photographed during a dog walk in Amerang, proudly stretch their branches towards the sky. If you turn the twenty boards – touch is expressly allowed – you will find enough information to be able to shine with your specialized knowledge in any quiz show.

Intimate views, garage doors and reality

Distraction from everyday life, is it allowed in these times? Yes, because it also needs a break from the pandemic and the war. That’s why we can and should have fun with the nude facts in Sebastian Kugler’s “Geheimer Blick” triptych, for which he posed as a model. “Only the legs in the last picture are not mine. The same goes for bras,” says Pullenhofener with a smile. If you live in Daxenberg, a neighborhood of Zorneding, you can also check if Volker Jäger perpetuated access to his car dealer in the 36 colorful views of “Garage Collages”.

And no, you can not, should not and should not forget the people in Ukraine or other “unpleasant” subjects that the six photographers have placed at the center of their work and for which they are very happy to exchange. ideas with viewers.

Culture in the circle: Ukrainian colleagues pay homage to Gilbert Pinggera in "film cartridges".

Gilbert Pinggera pays homage to his Ukrainian colleagues at the Filmpatronen.

(Photo: Christian Endt)

It is these meetings on the outskirts of the exhibition that make the personal visit so valuable. Feeling the enthusiasm of the creators, their enthusiasm when, like Kugler, they talk about about 80,000 pictures of themselves on the computer, all accurately labeled with keywords. Or to listen to the stories behind the pictures. You can not transfer something like this to digital, no matter how artistically perfect the reproductions are. Because what really matters is the conversation, the real experience.

Klosterschule Gallery, Klosterweg 7, Glonn: Saturday, 23 and 30 April, from 14:00 to 18:00, Sunday, 24 April and 1 May, from 14:00 to 18:00. Mask holding (medical) required. The exhibition will open with a vernissage on Friday, April 22 at 7.30pm.

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