Closing report at Messe Erfurt 2022 with 5000 visitors

Erfurt Fair

A document restores the true feeling of the fair

Erfurt Sports and Outdoor Fair 2022 marks a successful start to the Thuringian fair season

The sports and foreign trade fair took place from 23 to 24 April 2022 for the 14th time at the Erfurt Exhibition Center. After the event had to be canceled in the last two years due to Corona, this year 5000 people interested in sports benefited from the variety of offers from more than 40 clubs and retailers.

“We are pleased that our courage was rewarded for holding our outdoor sports and trade fair. A preparatory period during which the trade fair industry was barred from holding events made it difficult for our exhibitors to make mandatory commitments. We were even more pleased with the willingness of Thuringian sports clubs and providers to come to us. They passionately introduced our visitors with their sports and offers “, said the satisfied manager of the fair, Michael Kynast.

Sport.aktiv offered the wide range of landscape of Thuringian sports clubs. From volleyball to table tennis, biathlon, bobsleigh, baseball, american football, parkour, tambourine, kalisthenika and even football, there was plenty to offer. Each stand offered the practical offers characteristic of this fair. This also included a pump track, a diving pool, four-wheeled cycling and jumping classes. The hurdles course by Olympic champion Nils Schumann also provided a preliminary taste of the Adventure Run premiere, which will take place in in 2023.

Kevin Fischer, organizer of the presentation area of ​​the State Sports Association of Thuringia (LSB), was pleased that this year the large sports family was finally able to reunite in active sports. As a long-term partner, he was just as enthusiastic about the popularity and willingness of visitors to try things out as first-time exhibitor Ronmanshow from Erfurt. Managing Director Ronny Quittschalle had not counted on the great reaction from the fair guests. He received numerous bookings for his mountain bike tours headed directly to the site. “We will definitely be there again next year,” he announced with a bright smile.

The biggest representative for football was the German Football League. Not only did he conduct football tournaments in three fields, but he also provided a wide range of motion modules from aerial football to billiards and various obstacle course fields. At the Sparkasse Fairplay Thuringia Football Final, many Thuringian teams qualified for the national final in Rügen. “The integration of tournaments in active sports was very well received by the participants. They are happy to benefit from the wide range of sports activities in both halls, ”reports Marcus Frey, Tour Manager of the Sparkasse Fair Play Soccer Tour.

Fixed bike race “Superkool Krit 22” and The Beach Volleyball Cup celebrated successful premieres in 2022. In the cycle race, the 810 meter long course was ridden exclusively by a fixed gear bike, ie a bicycle with fixed gear and without brakes. 42 participants were in the beginning. It was initiated by Erfurt cyclist Martin Wolfram.

The sport.activ beach cup was held in the “king of the court” format and was organized by Blue Volleys Gotha. For this purpose, 120 tons of sand were collected in the exhibition hall. Five teams played for points in several rounds of 15 minutes each. On Saturday, the Lüdtke / Schmidt team won the title of Queen of the Yard.

As a premium partner, AOK PLUS supported the event and is very pleased with the participation. “It was another good opportunity for us to show how important training is for our physical and mental fitness. Of course, our commitment goes beyond our presence at fairs as The constant and holistic motivation of people is important to us, so we will continue on May 1, 2022 with our sports campaign “Cilcling to work”. The goal is to bring more movement to daily life and to enthuse many people for healthy running fun and fitness in the long run, ”says event manager Christoph Dietrich from AOK PLUS.


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