People with congenital heart defects are cared for at the heart center in Füssen-Ausserfern

The main page Bavaria Augsburg and Swabia Kreisbot Fussen Created: 05/07/2022 09:53 paradite Separated Senior physician and leading specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine with a focus on pediatric cardiology, Dr. Jörg Stephanus Franke from Klinikum Kaufbeuren (left) and the main doctor of the medical clinic and cardiologist Dr. Martin Hinterseer of the Füssen Clinic … Read more

Arminia Bielefeld: Just in front of the corridor down the stairs – sport

In fact, Arminia Bielefeld and VfL Bochum are co-sufferers, cruel football clubs in perpetual ups and downs between the first and second divisions. Despite being 120 miles as the raven flies, Bochum in Westphalia and Bielefeld in East Westphalia are not that far from the football perspective. They are similar in their efforts to achieve … Read more

Nations Cup with European champion Thieme – SWR Sport

On Sunday, ten teams will compete for victory at the Nations Cup in Mannheim Maimarkt (live on SWR television). The German dance team includes European individual champion André Thieme. Blue skies, bright sun and almost summer temperatures: conditions in Mannheim reminiscent of those in Florida. André Thieme returned from there just four weeks ago. Horses … Read more

Hamilton v. FIA dispute over cabin jewelry

GP Miami 2022 Sounds weird. New Formula One racing director Niels Wittich and Lewis Hamilton quarrel because the record winner does not want to take off his jewelry in the cabin. The driver colleagues are mostly on Hamilton’s side. Andreas Haupt, Michael Schmidt 05/06/2022 This appearance before the first training session for the Miami WG … Read more

Bundesliga: Which players are particularly in demand by the competition – BUNDESLIGA

When you think of the most sought after stars in the Bundesliga, names like Jude Bellingham (18), Florian Wirtz (19) and Patrick Schick (26) come to mind. Fighting for other players is much harder at the moment. In addition to Dortmund superstar Erling Haaland (21), there are many startling names on the club’s shopping lists … Read more

2 in the Kings – Leon Draisaitl celebrates his next gala with the Oilers

May 7, 2022 at 9:32 p.m. American sports compact : 8: 2 with the Kings – Draisaitl celebrates the next gala with the Oilers Leon Draisaitl (left) in the match against LA Kings. Photo: AFP / Harry How Dusseldorf While most Europeans are asleep, North American professional leagues were buzzing. What happened that night in … Read more

The district demands 700 euros for sports in the park

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Allianz MTV Stuttgart: The dream for a couple is alive – Sport

Relief after the big tension: The Stuttgart volleyball players are happy for the victory in Potsdam. Photo: dpa / Soeren Stache The Stuttgart volleyball team celebrated a 3-2 away win in SC Potsdam in the fourth game of the final series and now has a real final for the German championship this Sunday (19:15) in … Read more