Day care: knowledge, values, well-being – at Vincentinum

Team-oriented, confident, diverse – here you can learn what Vincentinum Nursing Training offers and what the trainees themselves say. How should my internship be? Young people often face this question after finishing school. The answer often remains a mystery, however: some adjectives describing dream work are often used: diverse, confident, appealing, team-oriented – and … Read more

The birds also feed during the summer

Feeding and watching the birds is fun. At the same time, nutrition is an important contribution to the protection of the species, says ornithologist Peter Berthold. He considers the concerns unfounded. The conservatory complains that birds are finding less and less food in cleared cultural landscapes, where mostly beneficial plants like wheat or corn are … Read more

World Championships in Berlin: What visitors need to know about the Formula E race at Tempelhofer Feld

World Cup guest in Berlin – What visitors should know about the Formula E race at Tempelhofer Feld imago images / Shutterstock Video: rbb24 | 05/11/2022 | 6 afternoon | Jonas Schuetzeberg | Photo: imago images / Shutterstock The ecological version of Formula 1 returns to Berlin: The Formula E World Championship stops at the … Read more

HVV Hamburg: Preliminary ticket sales for 9 euros! Passengers need to know this

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This is what we know so far about the fact

RTL>tidings> The apartment building in which the drama took place in Hanau is getting a little older, but otherwise it looks quite ordinary. But on May 11, nothing is the same there – police cars are parked around the house, bushes have been removed to look for tracks there. On a balcony on the ninth … Read more