Boris Becker: You need to know before the decision is announced

The trial of Boris Becker, 54, of London’s Southwark Crown Court has been ongoing since March 21. Day in and day out, the former Wimbledon winner sat in the glass box reserved for the defendants in the middle of room 3. The decision is now the deadline this Friday.

You can read all the information about the accusation, the trial and the possible sentence here.

Boris Becker’s mother is worried about the decision, as you can see in the video above!

Boris Becker is accused of hiding parts of his property

“Queen vs. Boris Franz Becker” (Queen v. Boris Franz Becker) – that’s what she says about the summary of the indictment. As head of state, the Queen is representative of the British state.

The prosecution had indicted Becker on 24 counts of concealing parts of his assets – including real estate, accounts and some of the most important trophies of his career (Australian Open 1996!) – following his personal bankruptcy in 2017 and blaming his advisers, who according to him take care of his finances.

The tennis star points out: He left financial questions to his advisers

Becker himself denies the allegations. How many accounts does the former tennis star have, where was the property held in his name and where are the trophies won? Becker has no idea about this, as he has stated several times. He stressed that financial matters were always left to his advisers and that he had not read any contracts.

Properties: Among other things, it was about his parents’ house in Leimen, where Becker was registered as the owner – without his knowledge, as he claims. Other properties were also mentioned, according to the star athlete, he was also not clear about the ownership structure.

Accounts: A similar view appears for accounts. Since his parents opened an account in his name in 1989? “I’ve been busy traveling the world and playing tennis,” Becker said. He also did not know why he had three accounts in an American bank in Belgium. They have probably been opened as part of an advertising partnership.

Trophies: The tennis star withdraws from access to the trophy, for which he is charged. Becker denies this. He just does not know where the trophies are. In general, it is not about the originals that were delivered to the field after the final. Agents or supervisors usually received a much smaller copy version, Becker said. He himself was already on his way to the next tournament. The trophies themselves were not important to me. For him the title itself was more important. Now he regrets this view. If he finds the trophies again, he will hand them over immediately, he assured.

Boris Becker was found guilty

The former tennis star always relied on the evaluation of his advisers and never took care of financial matters himself, stressed Becker defender Jonathan Laidlaw. The 54-year-old had neither the time nor the patience to read the contracts and never paid any bills himself. “Unfortunately” is still so. “This is correct,” Becker repeatedly said to his lawyer.

His defense attorney said his client was naive but innocent. It is not a crime to rely on counselors.

In 20 of the 24 points, the jury followed this line of reasoning. But the decision was “guilty” on four counts. Lay judges are convinced: the former tennis star deliberately did not fully disclose part of his assets in bankruptcy proceedings. According to the jury, among other things, he hid a property in Leimen and illegally transferred large sums to other accounts.

Boris Becker faces up to seven years in prison

Theoretically, Becker faces up to seven years in prison. Whether he actually ends up behind bars is not decided by the eleven members of the jury, but by the professional judge. The uproar will continue until Friday (April 29), when Judge Deborah Taylor plans to announce her sentence.

Becker can still appeal – both against the guilty verdict and against the sentence.

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