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July 7, 1985 was the biggest day in the life of Boris Becker (54). At the age of 17 he won Wimbledon. April 29, 2022, his worst day is also in London. This Friday, Southwark Crown Court Judge Deborah Taylor will announce the sentence in the misdemeanor bankruptcy trial. Should one of the greatest heroes of German sport of all time go to jail?

SPORT BILD answers the most important questions …

What was the decision against Becker?

The 11 members of the jury found Becker guilty on four of the 24 charges on April 8. Between June 22 and September 28, 2017, Becker made nine transfers totaling € 426,930.90 for professional and private purposes – he should not have done so after declaring bankruptcy on June 21, 2017. Among other things, the money went to ex-wives of Becker, Lilly and Barbara Becker. Becker also hid a property from English bankruptcy authorities – his parents’s house in Leimen. He also allegedly hid an 825,000-euro loan from a Liechtenstein bank at his home in Leimen. Becker reportedly did not issue 75,000 shares in Breaking Data Corp.

What punishment can be expected?

“It will be difficult for him,” says renowned lawyer Paul Vogel, a British criminal law expert. “If you compare the situation with similar cases, there is a lot to suggest that the court will order a prison sentence that Boris Becker will also have to serve. Two years would not be unrealistic. “The sentence would have been lower if he had pleaded guilty first.” However, Becker tried to blame his advisers as the guilty party. British criminal law expert Mark Stephens expects a “prison sentence of twelve to 18 months”. However, this can also be pronounced conditionally. Open execution is also possible. During the criminal proceedings, Becker repeatedly testified that his advisers had completed the necessary forms. However, this argument does not apply to the nine transfers he himself made actively. “It becomes especially critical when you perform active concealment actions, such as transfers,” says Vogel.


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Does the fact that Becker was sentenced to two years probation in Germany in 2002 for tax evasion amounting to 1.7 million euros play a role in England?

Yes! Becker is a recidivist. “The court always evaluates the overall picture and a previous conviction does not speak for Boris Becker,” says Vogel.

Is the sentence announced on April 29 final?

Jo! Becker can appeal, but the English public prosecutor’s office cannot.

Will Becker receive his passport on April 29 and can he work as a TV expert for Eurosport at the French Open (from May 22)?

This is at the discretion of the court. If Becker can convince the latter that there is no danger of escaping and he faces further proceedings, he can return his passport.

Does Becker get rid of all the money worries after the sentence is announced?

No. Bankruptcy proceedings against him in England continue. It’s “just finished when everything that once belonged to me is sold out,” Becker said. 15 creditors demand 59 million euros for his return. Becker is said to owe his former business partner Hans-Dieter Cleven only 37 million euros.

Will creditors get their money?

Only a part of it. Under bankruptcy law, a creditor gets only 0.85 cents back for every euro owed. This means for example: from one million euros only 8500 euros are returned. Since the start of the bankruptcy in 2017, about four million euros have been collected from Becker’s assets. In 2019, 82 memorabilia such as trophies, medals and rackets, and even coated tennis socks, were put up for auction. Almost 900 thousand euros were collected. There was also jewelry worth 46 thousand euros. Some money was still in different accounts. However, it is suspected that more than 1.5m euros went to bankruptcy administrators, lawyers and experts. The finance in Mallorca became the property of the private bank that had given Becker the property loan.

How much money did Becker once have?

His fortune was previously estimated at 100 million euros, which Becker denies. He talked more about the half. Becker earned 23 million euros gross from prize money alone. There were also highly paid advertising contracts.

How did Becker “burn” the money?

Women cost him the most. Divorce by Barbara Becker is suspected to have eaten 15 million euros. Angela Ermakova (“the vacuum cleaner case”) reportedly received about five million euros plus a monthly fee of 5,100 euros. In addition, there was or still is maintenance for his four children Noah (28), Elias (22), Anna (22) and Amadeus (12). In addition, some bankruptcies of companies cost a lot of money. The luxurious lifestyle also played a role. Private jet flights with companies were not uncommon.

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