BFB-Cup: Salzburg gets double ninth

Salzburg fulfilled its role as the favorite and scored a well-deserved victory against the dedicated but unlucky Rieder. Luka Sucic gave the Bulls the lead in the 27th minute with a goal worth seeing. A header by Maximilian Wöber (52 ‘) shortly after the break and a goal from a counterattack by Benjamin Sesko (87’) made things clear for the big favorites.

In the turbulent final stage, Ried had the opportunity to secure an exciting finish. Upper Austria, who had also lost 3-0 ten years ago, were denied a goal. Following their successes in 1998 and 2011, the Rieders are now holding three cup titles. The winning record is Austria Wien with a total of 27 successes.

Suçiç’s smart shot to score 1-0

Luka Sucic showed once again his perfect shooting technique and scored in the 27th minute to give Salzburg the lead.

Salzburg at its best, Ried with a chain of five

After the strong rotation in the league match against Puntigamer Sturm Graz, Salzburg coach Jaissle returns to the lineup. The only small surprise was Sucic instead of Brenden Aaronson in attacking midfield. Ried coach Christian Heinle returned to the proven tests and sent his team on the field with a five-man chain. Ante Bajic acted as the sole leader at the forefront. Before the start of the match, a minute of silence was held in memory of legendary coach Ivica Osim, who died on Sunday.

Then the final started as expected. Ried was still out of contact with the ball when Salzburg fired the first – harmless – into the net through Sucic after just one minute. Ried did not play matches in the background, hit the balls uncompromisingly and hoped to create chances. Salzburg had the next opportunity from a long pass. Karim Adeyemi triumphed in the running duel, but did not finish properly (9th).

The goal of dreams brings Salzburg leadership

After a quarter of an hour, the line manager had to be replaced. The fourth official, Rene Eisner, took over the line of play and immediately scored Adeyemi for offside position. After an action by the DFB striker, Salzburg lost the lead. Adeyemi sprinted deep into the opposing defense and returned the ball to Suçii.. The 19-year-old scored a fantastic goal from 20 meters in Kreuzeck (27). The goal also resisted the review of VAR, which controlled Adeyemi for offside position.

GEPA / Wolfgang Jannach

Luka Suçiç was rightly celebrated by his teammates after the sensational goal

Rieder did not hide and certainly had offensive approaches, which, however, did not really pose a threat to Salzburg. Goalkeeper Philipp Köhn was the focus twice. After the 24-year-old Bajic left without compromise (30 ‘), a few minutes later he came out of his gate and was faster on the ball than the Ried striker (39’). Due to the interruption, six minutes were added to the first half, in which Salzburg dominated. Another goal before the break failed.

Preliminary decision from Wöber header

The second half was unchanged in terms of staff, in which Rieder had the first chance. Bajic left Rasmus Kristensen out in the penalty area, but his shot from the far post was deflected by Köhn (47 ‘). An unnecessary corner then further diminished the chances of the aliens. After a short corner kick, Noah Okafor scored for the center kick. Wöber beat Bajic in a head-to-head duel and beat Ried goalkeeper Samuel Sahin-Radlinger from close range (52 ‘).

Wöber makes the score 2-0

A few minutes after the change of parties, a preliminary decision was made for Salzburg. Maximilian Wöber was behind a cross and scored Salzburg’s second goal with a header (52 ‘).

Significantly superior to the rest of the field and with a two-goal lead, Salzburg can not err. After Andreas Ulmer’s Stangl pass, Adeyemi shot from close range (60 ‘). Just minutes later, the attacker was in the spotlight again. After Okafor’s cross, Adeyemi initially placed the ball well forward, but then returned it to the line regardless of losses during the slide. The fact that the 20-year-old endangered Ried goalkeeper Sahin-Radlinger sparked heated discussions. However, the goal was not counted, because VAR had recognized an offside position.

The final hot stage in Klagenfurt

After a shot from above by Bajic, with which Köhn had no problems (68), and a chance from Kristensen on the other side (69), things started again out of nowhere, with fifteen minutes to go. Rieder Leo Mikic collapsed after a duel on the edge of the penalty area. Then there was a herd formation and a melee. The result was a yellow card for Suçiiç and Baji., But despite a VAR check, there was no exception.

After a double chance for Adeyemi in the 81st minute, Heinle has put everything back on a card. With Dorgeles Nene and Josef Weberbauer, the Ried coach brought in two new attacking forces and broke the five-player chain. This move almost led to success. Bajic initially failed because of Köhn. The ball came to Mikic, who lifted it to the gate. But Wöber escaped acrobatically before the line (83). The Salzburg center-back was in the spotlight again shortly afterwards. After a shot by Mikic, Wöber’s defense was not counted as a hand kick by VAR (85 ‘).

The decision caused a lot of trouble for the Rieders – also in the suburbs. The temperature had not yet calmed down when Salzburg finally ended the game. After a cross by Adeyemi, Sesko had no problem crossing the ball over the line (87 ‘). The 18-year-old scored his fifth goal and became the top scorer in the cup. In the final stage, Zlatko Junuzovic’s experience was also used by Salzburg and he was able to celebrate another title with his colleagues.

Sesko provides the final result

Benjamin Sesko made it 3-0 in the 87th minute and thus secured the final score in the cup final.

Comments for the game:

Matthew Jaissle (Salzburg coach): “In fact, today was the first time I really felt pressure before a game. The favorite role was clearly distributed. Therefore, the relief is already great. Compliments to Ried, they did very, very well until the end. They tried to keep the match close, took the duels by force, closed the spaces. It was not easy for us. But we also did very well. “Of course we did not make it 3-0 early enough, but overall it was a well-deserved victory.”

Christian Heinle (Ried coach): “We sold very well. The loss today is insignificant (for the relegation battle, note). We knew we had two finals in a row, and as I said, we did very well in the first. We need to take this momentum with us, even if it is bitter right after. “But next week against Altach we will be back one hundred percent.”

Andrew Ulmer (Salzburg captain): “We have set ourselves the goal of playing a good game and going well. 1-0 was certainly an extraordinary goal by Luke, which we are happy to take with us. But I also think we were really good at controlling the game and we absolutely deserved to win. “These are moments I will remember forever.”

Uniqa ÖFB Cup, final


Salzburg – Ried 3: 0 (1: 0)

Klagenfurt, Wörthersee stadium, 7,800 spectators, SR Harkam

sequence of goals:
1-0 Sucic (27 ‘)
2: 0 Woeber (52)
3-0 Sesko (87 ‘)

Salzburg: Köhn – Kristensen, Solet, Wöber, Ulmer – Capaldo (63./Aaronson), Camara (90./Junuzovic), Sucic, N. Seiwald – Okafor (73./Sesko), Adeyemi (90./Kjaergaard)

Reed: Sahin-Radlinger – Wießmeier (57 / Mikic), Meisl, Lackner (82 / Nene), Plavotic, Pomer – Stosic, Ziegl, Satin (82 / Weberbauer) – Nutz, Bajic

Yellow cards: Suçiiç and Baji.

Best: Wöber, Adeyemi, Köhn or Bajic, Ziegl

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