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Bayern’s basketball players are planning something historic. But the coaches, captains and managing directors did not want to talk about Euroleague dreams before the double home match against FC Barcelona.

Because even after the surprise victory of Munich in 90:75 in Catalonia for the 1-1 draw in the quarterfinal series, before the match number three on Wednesday (20:30 / Magentasport) it is as follows: “Barça remains Barça, they have everything. “We know we are lost,” said Bayern captain Nihad Djedovic.

Pesic: “To fully enjoy this moment”

“If we dream, we have no chance,” warned managing director Marko Pesic. The former player spoke of a “balancing act” for the players. They should “enjoy the games” but at the same time “maintain the focus”. He himself “totally” enjoys this moment.

The dream goal – the Final Four tournament from 19 to 21 May in Belgrade – suddenly seems achievable. Bayern would be the first German team to reach that far. This premiere would also be an award for the Bundesliga. “From the BBL’s point of view, it’s great. It’s a continuation of what we’ve seen in recent years,” said Stefan Holz, Managing Director of the German Press Agency, to boost the international success of German clubs.

Holz believes the Munich team is capable of great things: “Bayern have already struggled to reach the Final Four last year. Bayern are able to beat any team,” he said. “Stop,” Andrea Trinchieri replied Tuesday at the Audi Dome. There is room in his head just for the third game. And anyway: “Barcelona is the winner of the main round, it has the best team, the best coach. I live in reality, I stay on the ground. Barcelona is still the main favorite,” said the Italian.

He is expecting a caste of stars from furious Catalonia after the sudden slip in the second game. “They will not want to risk losing 2-1,” Pesic admits.

The former national team player would like to appear in front of 6700 spectators. “Having two games against Barcelona in the Audi Dome full of fans behind you is a very important event and something very special for us,” said the 45-year-old. However, if they were “historic” matches for FC Bayern Basketball, they would have to be evaluated afterwards. “We have to be on top, on top, on top.” Last year, Bayern were eliminated from Olympia Milan.

Djedovic: “More pressure on Barcelona”

Pesic relies on Trinchieri’s coaching skills. “Andrea has shown that she has the gift of the ability to better fit the team with the opponent from match to match.” Trinchieri expects a game that will be extreme “physically and mentally” on Wednesday night.

His captain sees “greater pressure” on Barcelona. “It will be a little easier with our fans behind us. 40 minutes of fighting and 40 minutes of concentration are our only options to win,” said the 32-year-old Djedovic.

For BBL boss Holz, it is “a logical step” for a German team to eventually advance to the Final Four in Europe’s most important club competition. “If not now, then surely in the years to come. Ten years ago this was unimaginable,” he said, referring to the Bundesliga sporting development. Years ago, Brose Bamberg had the most “hits” on the international scene. “But now: this is no longer a coincidence,” Holz said proudly. (dpa)

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