Augsburg: Higher, cheaper, smaller: you need to know this about Oster-Dult

The Augsburger Dult takes place for the 136th time. Many booths have been popular for years or even decades. But what are the curiosities of the fair?

After a two-year pandemic break, the spring event in Jakobervorstadt will take place again without restrictions for the first time. Regular visitors get to know many of the stands, as most of the exhibitors are familiar faces. But if you take a closer look at the one-kilometer-long Budenstraße between Jakobertor and Vogeltor, you will also find something special in the Augsburger Dult 136 – for example the superlatives and curiosities of the traditional fair.

Jessica Blum bakes and serves sausages in Dult. The family business is already in its sixth generation.

Photo: Michael Eichhammer

The most popular meal in Dult? Jessica and Daniel Blum do not have to think long: “Pork sausages on a loaf are classics,” they both say unanimously. The showman family business is already in its sixth generation with son Samy.

There is a honey house in Augsburger Dult – and in Chicago

Sabine Korger from the Bienes Honighaus holds an unofficial “record” – exactly that for the farthest “branch”. Once a year, this is on another continent: Sabine and Henry Korger, who also run a shop selling honey and bee products in Augsburg, have had their own booth at the Chicago Christmas market since 2008. American customers have inspired the couple to create their most unusual blend of flavors: jalapeño honey. “What we consider spicy is almost harmless to Americans,” reports Sabine Korger.

If there was a price for the Dult product that is the subject of much controversy, you would find it at Willi Wiltschka’s booth: In addition to proven plasters, it also offers cannabis cream. Some passersby react irritated to the cannabis keyword. “Many are afraid of contact at first and ask: Will you become addicted to it, can you still drive a car afterwards?” reports vendor Robert Bauer. “But medical cannabis has nothing to do with drugs,” he explains. Cannabis cream has been legalized for about two years. The organic product is said to help against complaints such as back pain, tension, chronic inflammation and circulatory disorders.

Robert Bauer assures that his cannabis cream has nothing to do with drugs.

Photo: Michael Eichhammer

You can find the cheapest Dult items at Feridun Biyikli. The retailer for household goods and warehouses has been in place since 1999. Its price hit: greeting cards for 50 cents. The most expensive product, however, is a baking, which is offered by Pfannen Joschi from Würzburg. Culinary enthusiasts have to pay a proud 168.50 euros for the cookware. “Application areas range from roast pork or goose to duck, asparagus or large stews,” reports Lissi Pitsch. Her husband Joachim is known in Augsburg as Pfannen Joschi for 40 years.

Lissi and Joachim Pitsch have long been offering pans.

Photo: Michael Eichhammer

Augsburger Dult’s longest product this year is Robert Both by Garten Peter. Its high branch saw can extend to a working height of nearly six feet. “Thanks to the attractive cutting edge of the Japanese saw blade, this product works cleaner than any chainsaw,” the trader enthusiastically excites. Garten Peter has been represented in Dult for about ten years. “I’m literally obsessed here after a two – year hiatus,” says happy Robert Both. “You could say the customers were waiting for the opening, that’s good for my soul.”

Robert Both demonstrates his tall branch saw, which can be extended to a height of six meters.

Photo: Michael Eichhammer

Holiday in Dult: There is cheese and antipasti in 18 meters

Rupert Kimberger has the shortest stand at three meters. For four years he has been supplying household goods made from olive wood in Sicily to Augsburg Dult. He emphasizes quality: “These are products to pass, they do not break.” The counterpart of the compact wooden products stand is the longest stand in Dult: junior manager Manuel Wolf and his team sell cheese and antipasti over an impressive 18 feet long.

For fans of exclusive regional products, Marion and Michael Perl, who operate under the name Perlenzauber, have something very special: jewelry lovers can proudly display their love for their Augsburg homeland with an idiosyncratic collection in typical metropolitan colors swabian: Augsburg jewelry. is new this year. Unique handmade jewelry combines real silver with natural stones like coral, white lava, white agate and freshwater pearls. Aventurine Quartz embodies the typical “Augsburg green”.

Which nutritional dynasty is the oldest in the Augsburger Dult?

The ceramic grate stand will be there for the first time. Miryam Reinhardt introduces to the audience heavy handmade ceramic from Spain with the brilliance of a teleshopping presenter. But which nutritional dynasty is the oldest in Dult? The question is difficult to answer historically, as Dieter Erlinger from Erlinger Sweets knows: “The problem is that these figures were not documented anywhere in the city of Augsburg.” Erlinger’s father had been there since 1950. Free Jakob could also look back on a similarly long tradition.

Irene Pirthauer (right) and her husband run the legendary Billiger Jakob podium.

Photo: Michael Eichhammer

Descendants Leo and Irene Pirthauer have become an institution themselves and are now in the third generation selling various alarms, pendants, household items and more. Dieter Erlinger hopes Dult is now safe again forever. The worries of the pandemic phase have left their mark on him: “At the bottom of his mind there is always a concern if it will stay that way.”

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