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By: Natalia Aleksieeva


Information on Ukrainian refugees in Munich – we have summarized the most important things. (collage © Wolfgang Maria Weber / Ulrich Wagner / Imago

Refugees from Ukraine have many questions when they arrive in Munich, the answers to which are difficult to find in the flow of information: Here is an overview of everything important.

  • Below we answer the most important questions for Ukrainian refugees upon their arrival in Munich.
  • As there is a lot of information, we have summarized all the information available to you and provided you with the most relevant, informative and verified links.
  • The information is constantly updated.

Munich – There is already a lot of information on the Internet about Ukrainian refugees. Not everyone is current, not everyone is reliable. Here we have put together a summary of all the most important questions and answers and trusted help and information sites.

Bagatomovnі stattі dlya bіzhencіv nga Ukraine

Data from Ukrainian author Natali Alexєєєвій this may publish current information and provide information about your biance. Click here to see the status version. *

Thanks to our Ukrainian author Natalia Alekseev we can publish potentially current information and articles on refugees in several languages. Щелкните здесь, чтобы просмотреть русскою версию статьи. *

As a citizen of Ukraine, how do I get a residence permit in Munich?

To obtain a residence permit you need the following documents:

  • Ukrainian passport and, if available, a Ukrainian biometric passport for travel abroad.
  • Application form is a form in German, English and Ukrainian that must be printed, completed by hand and signed.
  • Proof of registration: To obtain this document, you must be living with a host family that is willing to register you. First of all, this family must complete a landlord confirmation to be submitted to the registry office and use it to schedule an appointment at the nearest citizens’ office. There are only six of them in Munich. Here you can find the addresses. When you arrive at the Citizens’ Registration Office in your place of residence, you will be issued a registration confirmation based on your landlord’s confirmation to be submitted to the registry office. This is your proof of registration.

Residence permits for Ukrainian refugees in Munich: The most important and final step

Last and most important step: Once you have collected all the documents, you must attach and submit these documents using this online form no later than May 23, 2022. As an alternative to the online form, you can send the required documents by mail to the following address: Department of Foreign Affairs of the District Administration (KVR), Ruppertstraße 19, 80466 Munich.

Once your application has been received and checked by the Migration Service, you will soon receive a personal appointment. Please bring a photo of your current biometric passport with you. At your personal meeting you will receive a fictitious certificate marked “Employment Allowed”. With this document you have the right to work in Germany.

You will receive the electronic residence permit by mail after six to eight weeks. Make sure your name is clearly legible in the mailbox.

Read more about this on the official city portal and on the crisis center website.

Arrival of refugees from Ukraine in Munich: how can I accommodate?

If you are unable to stay with friends or acquaintances, you should report to Prielmayerstr. 1 at Messestadt Ost (line U2, end) at the Paul-Henri-Spaak-Straße Exhibition Center 12, gate 16, exhibition center at C5 and C6. There you will find a local family ready to host you temporarily.

Accommodation is provided by the voluntary organization “Münchner volunteers” and is treated according to the principle “first comes, first served”. Opening hours: from 8 am to 8 pm. If you do not have time during the day to look for a family, this address will provide you with a place to stay, feed and continue to look for accommodation for you. You can also search for accommodation on the official websites, the list of which is attached below:

  • # AnyBedHelps – offers apartments for refugees from Ukraine
  • miracle apartment – offer free accommodation for at least a month
  • EU4UA – match Ukrainian refugees with Europeans wishing to receive people at home (both in their places of residence and in vacant homes).
  • ICanHelp.Host – you have a mission to find as many homes in Europe for Ukrainians seeking housing
  • Prihistok – The official Ukrainian communication platform between those who need help and those who are willing to provide it
  • Munich volunteers – a company that helps to find accommodation in Munich
  • MAPAHELP – collects and provides information about non-Ukrainian organizations, companies and individuals willing to provide free assistance to Ukrainians
  • #Accommodation Ukraine – an alliance of sustainable organizations that support a solidary civil society and help Ukrainian refugees find housing
  • Shelter for AI – This service aims to connect people who need housing due to the war in Ukraine with those who are willing to provide it
  • Hotel change – These hotels offer free temporary accommodation for Ukrainian refugees

We recommend a Telegram channel and a Facebook group that can help with the search for the apartment:

  • Шелтери Мюнхен Баварія – here you can find accommodation in Munich or offer your accommodation.
  • Sova отвечат UADE – group administrator Alena Tisova helps to find free and paid accommodation. Read the story of Olena Tisova, who helps war refugees find shelter in Munich, here.

Munich Voluntary Organization UA’Coordination Organization provides assistance to refugees from Ukraine in finding temporary asylum with private individuals in Germany, a volunteer translator to accompany them to Munich, a volunteer translator for unofficial online translations or translations by phone.

Lots of useful information can also be found on the Crisis Center website.

About the author Natalia Aleksieieva

Natalia Aleksieieva (27) fled Odessa to Munich on March 7. She has received a lot of help and is currently renting an apartment in Munich. Your goal is to be able to stand on your own two feet as quickly as possible. In her column she reports on her new life in Bavaria – and on the news, the situation in her Ukrainian homeland. She writes her texts in German. Read the story of Natalia Aleksieieva’s escape from the war in Ukraine here. All information and articles on the situation of refugees in Ukraine in Bavaria can be found on our topic page.

Coronavirus vaccination for refugees from Ukraine: Where can I find information? What is 2G? What is 3G?

Explain the current rules of Corona
Explain the current rules of Corona. © Federal Center for Health Education

All refugees from Ukraine who have arrived in Munich have the opportunity to be vaccinated against coronavirus free of charge and regardless of their status in vaccination centers or refugee arrival centers. The addresses of all vaccination centers in Munich can be found on the official website of Bavaria.

As refugees from Ukraine, where can I find humanitarian aid in Munich?

There are several humanitarian aid distribution points in Munich. For food distribution addresses, see the official website of the Public Voluntary Organization of the GOROD Cultural Center. Addresses for the distribution of clothing and hygiene items can be found on the official website of the Diakonia Charitable Foundation and also on the website of the Crisis Center for Ukrainian Relief in Munich.

The association “Munich helps Ukraine eV” also offers temporary humanitarian aid to refugees from Ukraine. To get help, you must schedule an appointment by filling out the form.

If you need clothing for adults and children, as well as toys, the locals have opened another humanitarian aid unit. There is no queue. Quality clothing and in good condition. There are even new things. There are diapers, towels, some baby food. Address: Gewerbestrasse 9, Gate 5, 82064 Straßlach-Dingharting. Opening hours are Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

You can also visit the organization “Unter den Arkaden”, which is located at Dientzenhoferstraße 68, 80937 Munich. This is a meeting place and exchange of information for Ukrainians. There you can drink tea, connect to free Wi-Fi and get new clothes. The 3G rule applies. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Refugees from Ukraine: How can I get medical help in Munich?

For a more complete list of Russian / Ukrainian speaking physicians, as well as addresses of hospitals, medical centers, on-call services, and counseling centers, visit the Ukrainian Crisis Center website.

On the Fernarzt website you can sign up for free online video consultations or telephone consultations for refugees. Doctors answer your urgent health questions.

ON-LINE Consulting AI helps Ukrainian citizens get a free online consultation with a doctor through the Telegram channel.

Munich also offers counseling services for pregnant women and women who have recently given birth. The addresses of the counseling centers can be found on the Pregnancy Advice page. You can also see the fact sheet in Ukrainian.

You can get psychological support in the open Ukrainian group on Facebook of the Psychological Crisis Service.

The German Center for Psychiatry also provides assistance to war refugees from Ukraine who feel the need for psychological support. Russian-speaking specialists are available Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 15:00 at 0841 880 2206. Outside the specified periods, please write to

There is also a Russian-speaking psychotherapy group in Munich, information on which can be found here.

Information for refugees from Ukraine: How to find a job?

Basic information on employment in Germany can be found on the website of the Crisis Center for Aid to Ukrainians.

The Federal Employment Agency has set up a telephone line where Ukrainian and Russian-speaking employees can advise you.

There is also a Telegram channel for job search in Munich – Помощь Мюнхен Поиск Работы.

Germany’s largest railway company, Deutsche Bahn, offers free employment and advice to help bring Ukrainian refugees into the German labor market. To get job advice, you should contact the company from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 10 am and send your question to Consultations are conducted in Russian, Ukrainian, English and German. In addition, Ukrainians can call the toll-free telephone line +49 30 29734949 (Ukrainian, Russian, English and German) for initial consultation on general topics and employment in Germany.

Ophthalmic optics VISION SYSTEM SHOP MÜNCHEN has a job offer for Ukrainian eye craftsmen.

This article aims to give all refugees in Munich an initial overview. We will soon address the following topics in our articles:

  • How do I find a place at school for my child?
  • How can I get health insurance?
  • How do I open a bank account?

You can find links to completed articles here or always updated on the topic page for our Ukrainian refugees in Bavaria.

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