Altenkirchen: Change at the helm of the SRS now even in front of a large audience

Message from 05/01/2022

The change came smoothly on January 1: Daniel Mannweiler took over the management of the Altenkirchen-based Christian non-profit sports organization SRS from Hans-Gnter Schmidts. The official part followed four months later.

Now the change at the helm of the SRS has also had a public impact (from left): Judith and Hans-Gnter Schmidts, Klaus Gttler, who delivered the sermon, Helmfried Riecker and Kathryn, and Daniel Mannweiler. (Photo: vh)

Altenkirchen. The big train station for the departed and the new leader: With a worship service under the motto everything stands differently save the good things, treat the new things in front of more than 200 guests from many parts of Germany on Saturday afternoon (April 30th) ) change to head of Christian non-profit organization Sportsmen calls Sportsmen (SRS) was also made public after Daniel Mannweiler (42) had already taken over the business on January 1 from Hans-Gnter Schmidts (62), who was now released from his duties by the SRS Supervisory Board. At the Burg-Wchter-Matchpoint, the four-court tennis court at the SRS-Sportpark at the Altenkirchener Glockenspitze, Schmidts could not suppress one or two tears at a time because of his many words of appreciation. In short statements lasting no more than 60 seconds, the praisers told many people whose paths had crossed with that of Schmidt what many others in the audience had also experienced in Hannes’s treatment. Helmfried Riecker (82), the founder and first head of the SRS, called his successor simply incorrigible. Dean Grube (SRS employee since 1993) thanked Schmidts for his sincerity, love and big heart. Pastor Cassie Carstens, who came from South Africa, said: We learned a lot from you and the SRS and the 2006 World Cup 2010 in our country.

Innovative and extremely loyal
Your deep interest in me distinguished you personally, said Christopher Lling, managing director of Burg-Wchter KG. You were totally global and totally local, explained Dr. Steffen Schulte, Head of the New Life Mission and Rector of the Rhineland Theological Seminary (TSR) in Wlmersen, you were innovative and extremely loyal. Jrgen Stock, shareholder of Limburg MNT (audit, tax advisory, etc.) and active in the financial team at SRS, drew attention to the monetary side: We are better than in the early 2000s and are now positioned independently. of banks. This is what you fought for, Hannes !. The Altenkirchen district administrator, Dr. Peter Enders brought Schmidts about the hotel in Glockenspitze bought by SRS in 2009: You did what it is today. Simon Kser, SRS employee since 2018 and director of the festival weekend, showed another side of Schmidts: You were never too good for supposed trivia. With a view to Schmidts’s future, who will stay with the SRS on another assignment until retirement age, Elena Schulte, who moderated with Ren Schulte, was pleased: You’re not done yet, and that’s too much beautiful. Be brave Hannes, who passionately takes his place and thinks ahead: God has given you!

God took SRS 50 years
Klaus Gettler, general secretary of the German-based Kassel-based German EC (We Settled for Christ) association, based his sermon on passages from the Gospel of John and also focused on the afternoon motto. He stressed that it is important to find the right mix of preservation and change. It is important not to act with an obsession for change, but with a willingness to change. God treats him, so he changes the world. Meeting Jesus provokes change, Getler explained, and stated that God has used SRS for 50 years and has good news for the job, especially since it operates in a very special field with, among, and with athletes. The musical aspect was taken care of by the group WIRVERAENDERNEWIGITEN with the singer Kerstin Dietermann.

start studying theology
Schmidts has worked full-time for the SRS since 1984, has been a board member since 1987, and has held senior positions since 2003. After a few months off, the trained banker will remain loyal to the association as a normal employee until he reaches retirement age in the summer of 2025 and will begin studies in theology at TSR. The change turns into the desire expressed by Schmidts in 2017 to say goodbye to the top before moving on to idle life. Ultimately, the course was set in Mannweiler’s favor in September 2020 and the reversal was immediately communicated. It was also Schmidts who later offered Mannweiler the executive chair. Under Schmidt’s orders, the SRS acquired the Glockenspitze Hotel on 1 July 2009 from the receivables processing company HMCS from Laatzen near Hanover. It is now operated by its GmbH.

Memories of South Africa
Mannweiler, who has studied forensics and criminology, works for the Federal Office of Criminal Police and is currently on parental leave, has wanted to combine faith and sport since he was six years old. This goal finally became an obsession when he saw Riecker in a test appearance in Bad Kreuznach. Mannweiler’s credo is: I want to serve the athletes and I will orient myself to the basic pillars of the SRS, I will preserve the content, I will change the form if necessary and always as close as possible to the heart of God. Now living in Oberpleis, memories of the time in South Africa are still fresh. Between 2016 and 2021, the Mannweilers in Stellenbosch (South Africa, 50 miles east of Cape Town) took care of missionary cycling projects in the metropolitan villages, they were also contacts for many good European and Olympic athletes who came to the country in Cape against the backdrop of European winter training. The three children in the family (Obed, Talita and Jesse / ages six, four and one) were born in the southernmost tip of Africa. In addition to new work, return also offers advantages for children. Contact with grandparents and great-grandparents is much easier. This creates an enthusiasm for life on both sides because his parents still live in Calcutta, while his wife Kathryn, who studied sports at the University of Cologne Sports and whom he met through SRS, lives in Bielefeld. Triathlon is also very popular with Mannweilers, with participation in Iron Man in Hawaii. Daniel was among others the 2015 police athlete (without sports sponsorship).

SRS was founded in 1971
Founded in 1971 by Riecker, a motocross and test rider under the umbrella of the New Life Mission (Wlmersen), the SRS has been an independent association registered since 1987 and is organized by the Rhineland Sports Association. The SRS has set itself the goal of doing missionary work among performance-oriented athletes. The non-profit organization maintains workplaces in many sports, has established contacts across German borders in up to 40 countries (project support) and also works with athletes (professionals). Since 2009, the SRS has also operated the Glockenspitze International Sports and Seminar Center with the SRS Sports Park in Altenkirchen (the $ 60,000 Burgwchter Ladies Open tennis tournament venue). About 70 full-time and part-time employees make up the backbone of the association, plus about 700 volunteers. (vh)

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