Environment – Floating time bomb: Oil spill threatens Yemen shores – knowledge

Sanaa / Den Haag (dpa) – The cistern looks spooky. The 350-meter-long colossus floats neglected off the coast of Yemen, rust has eaten into the reddish-brown steel. Inside Safer: 1.1 million barrels of crude oil and thus an amount that could cover the Red Sea and its shores with black mud for hundreds of kilometers … Read more

Financial assistance to Ukrainians – Peine district gives advice

Ukrainian aid to the Peine district Financial assistance to Ukrainians – Peine district gives advice 05/11/2022, time 19:25 | Reading time: 3 minutes The district work center on Stederdorfer Strasse in Peine will be responsible for financial assistance to Ukrainians from 1 July. Photo: archive pain. The person in charge … Read more

Knowledge Bulletin: Expert Advice from Peter Hogenkamp.

The numbers lie: Opening rate, clickthrough rate, deregistration rate and rate of return – these are the key figures in email marketing. Maintained B2B newsletters should reach a 30 percent opening rate, says Peter Hogenkamp, ​​head of Swiss newspaper marketing specialist Scope Content. However, he advises that statistics be closely monitored because security software and … Read more

So did Germany in the Grand Prix hit race

May 11, 2022 at 11:07 p.m. All information about ESC : Eurovision Song Contest: This is what the German participants did Photo: dpa / Nderim Kaceli Nicole campaigned for peace and Guildo loved it all: the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) inspires fans all over the world. We provide the most important facts about this year’s … Read more